Monday, September 10, 2012

why would i stick my finger in that
youre sucha jokester night
and i was ehre thinking you were boring

Thursday, September 6, 2012

night keeps telling me
that i should stop talking
night is a boring person

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Sunday, August 26, 2012


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

new target new target yes
i cant wait
i have a white shirt that needs dyeing
my gun
where it go
no gun dont leave me
i love yyou
oh heh
hi everyone
jsut having a little fun
i went over and
the door
it has eyes

Sunday, August 19, 2012

shh shh
dont tell anybody
but i
im a bad boy
whats that night
its not friday?
i like peeling the skin off my fingers
it feels like the aftermath of sunburn
wait hhow do i know that
okay okay remember
what last happened
not getting anyhting
maybe i hit my head
i dunno
my hands feel kinda crispy
kinda like bacon
i love bacon
oh no nights outside my room
im not suppose to be on
bye bye
so im like sitting here
browsing god knows what and
ans theres this funny thing i saw
no wifin
srry giys night is a real bastard
back to what i was saying
gimme tenty dollers
funny song i reallysuggest watching it
i ahvent laughed that hard in so long
whendid i last laugh
nigt leave me alone i am tryin to communicate with people
no im not sending them pics
jezus fine ill get off just lemme clik post
the cycle doesnt end

i try to correct it

i almost succeed

and then it fails

every time


hecontrols them
have i killed any people recently
i dont remember
what have i been doing the last few weeks
its nto here
my head
my head hurts

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Today, I managed to leave a little message for a dear friend.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Today I was handed a gun, to replace my knife that kept failing me. Night told me that it's name was the... Model 629? I can't remember. I have never fired a gun before, or at least i don't remember. When I attempted to practice with it, the recoil surprised me. I am only given six rounds per target, if I succeed I get more, If I fail... I don't fail.

I need to find out where I am, I cannot leave this area unless I take the path, but the path is not always open.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Before I say anything else, It involves my "employer"/"agent". He will be referred to as Night, he requested that I call him that from here on.

I pushed opened the steel door to the outside once more and was greeted by a cooling breeze, the sky was filled with clouds and little light escaped.

I stepped forward and shut the door behind me. The soil is chilling and the air feels light. The trees have shed their leaves, the path is open. I close my eyes and walk. The dirt beneath me shifting into stone. I open my eyes and find myself at a park. Children played freely and laughter filled the air. He must be close. 

I scanned the area throughly but found nothing of importance. Why did you take me here? I walked back through the park and laid upon the bench there, and closed my eyes. I felt something brush along my leg and I awake. 

I am in a building, lying on the kitchen table. I try to slide off but feel an odd sensation that I cannot describe. I struggled to keep my eyes open but I fail, and fall asleep once more. After an undetermined amount of time has passed I open my eyes again.

My was knife lodged in my chest, and my target on the ground, bleeding profusely from the neck. This has never happened before, I don't kill people in my other state. Or do I, but I just don't remember? More and more questions, and no one to answer them. One thing I do know for sure, is that I will eat tonight.
I was recently informed in a private message that... How do I describe it? Monster? Lets go with that. The monster that commands me is known as the Slender man. A vile creature that wants people... "Gone." His motives unsure, but their effects are known.

I do not wish to affiliate myself with it, but I must for now. I don't want to die yet. This "Slenderman" I have not seen in person, the one who gives me my missions is an Agent I think, or was it proxy? Forgive me, I am unfamiliar with the terminology.

Monday, July 30, 2012

New target is a tricky one. Evaded me, nearly lost it to a trap. Boiling water to stun me and a dropping sledgehammer to deliver the blow. A very tricky one

A message...? Why would anyone want to talk with me.
Are all these memories real? Fabricated? Is someone giving me back memories and taking them away, or are they just suppressed and are now leaking out? It's driving my mind into an odd state, intrusive thoughts. I feel so helpless, no matter what I do these questions cannot be answered.

I am not even in danger and yet I still feel afraid.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

My room... A solid white room, its contents are minimum but it's all i need. A plain bed,  certainly not special or tainted. that much can't be said about many things here.. A black chair I use when I want to use the computer and when my bed feels uncomfortable, and the computer itself. An outdated piece of hardware, but its still something wonderful in my eyes. I wander my... Home? during the day time, there is no one here but me, him, and Him. 

I stumbled upon a great discovery not long ago, I descended to the deepest area of this forsaken place, as I walked through the bleak halls, various rodents and insects sped past me, a strange sight as I never see any living thing here. The halls opened up to a more expansive area, with an odd door at the end. It had a unique design, which I tried to replicate. Excuse my drawing skills. 

I attempt to push open the door but it is searingly hot and would not move. My hands are burned and I stumbled down onto the floor, I feel no... Pain? Unlike other people. I am not entirely sure what pain is, but this is not a good feeling.

Before I could investigate further, my body has already returned to my room.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

New target... A teenager with gothic wear and his girlfriend. What have these people done to deserve death? I need to know. Everything is a mess. Not enough answers. Have to continue for now. I don't want to anger him.

Friday, July 27, 2012

A memory surfaced recently, when it occurred I do not know, but I am certain it occurred. I was handed a knife and a photo of my target, along with his last known location. A young male with blonde hair and bright blue eyes, a really common sight now that I think about it. I began to slowly ascended from this... Place? What is it? A headquarters? A factory? I don't know. 

None of the doors here have handles, they just open when pushed. It smelled pleasant and relaxing, but its walls an eerie gray, just a shade away of black. I open another door and am momentarily blinded by the sunlight. The sky was beautiful, no clouds in sight, just a perfect blue that expands as far as I can see. I step out of the building and the soft grass reminds that I have no shoes on. A dirt path rests in front of me with trees hanging over it, blocking a majority of sunlight out. 

I walked down the path, the dirt shifting into grass and then into gravel. All I saw ahead of me was trees. An undetermined amount of time passes and I find myself in the street of a busy city. The air is cold, rain drops hit my face and clouds covered the sky. Cars raced down the road and horns blared. I am close. I sat on a bench nearby and closed my eyes once more. My body is not my own, its being controlled somehow, it might even be another personality of my mind that splintered off. I do not know and I never will.

I open my eyes and find myself in front of a building. It fits the description I was given. I went around back and found a side window. With a bit of work I managed to work it open and slipped inside. I was drenched, soaked to the bone from the rain. Water slid off me and onto the wood floor. I made a trail of it as I walked through the house. The building was lifeless and gave off a feeling of uneasyness.

There was a message written on the wall in red paint that was incomprehensible. I walked up the stairs, they felt freezing to the touch, amplified by my wetness, and soon after found myself in a bed room. Various items scattered around the room, a broken TV laid on the ground in front of me, and my target, sleeping soundly in the comfort of his bed. I gripped my knife, and stabbed him in the throat. I had my other hand over his mouth but he managed to let out a bloodcurdling scream. I pulled back on the knife and had fully opened up his throat, blood spilling out of the wound as well as him choking on it. 

I sat on the bed next to him as he bleeds out, and closed my eyes. I open them to find myself back at... Home? With my meal for succeeding in front of me. The food looked delicious, but I had no appetite. I ate a small amount and returned to my room. My mission for today was completed.
Every day I wake to the same thing. Every day I live out similar events, over and over and over. I hardly remember anything, even things I did yesterday. just that I keep repeating it again and again. Time seems to fly past me, I close my eyes for a moment and find myself in a completely different place. 

I am told to find people, told to end them. If I do as I am told, I am fed and given a place to sleep. If I fail... I have never failed. I can't fail. My life isn't my own any more, it's just an empty shell of what used to be. How... How did it come to this? Who decided that I am worthless and others are important? I didn't even have a name until recently. Shamshel... He gave it to me. He defines me. He is the reason I live and at the same time the one I hate most. I am not even sure my thoughts are mine.

I can't disobey what he says, he owns me now. Today I was rewarded for a successful mission. He gave me this computer. I don't want to forget any more. If I forget I can always read what I did. I have to end this cycle of repetition, its getting me nowhere.