Friday, July 27, 2012

A memory surfaced recently, when it occurred I do not know, but I am certain it occurred. I was handed a knife and a photo of my target, along with his last known location. A young male with blonde hair and bright blue eyes, a really common sight now that I think about it. I began to slowly ascended from this... Place? What is it? A headquarters? A factory? I don't know. 

None of the doors here have handles, they just open when pushed. It smelled pleasant and relaxing, but its walls an eerie gray, just a shade away of black. I open another door and am momentarily blinded by the sunlight. The sky was beautiful, no clouds in sight, just a perfect blue that expands as far as I can see. I step out of the building and the soft grass reminds that I have no shoes on. A dirt path rests in front of me with trees hanging over it, blocking a majority of sunlight out. 

I walked down the path, the dirt shifting into grass and then into gravel. All I saw ahead of me was trees. An undetermined amount of time passes and I find myself in the street of a busy city. The air is cold, rain drops hit my face and clouds covered the sky. Cars raced down the road and horns blared. I am close. I sat on a bench nearby and closed my eyes once more. My body is not my own, its being controlled somehow, it might even be another personality of my mind that splintered off. I do not know and I never will.

I open my eyes and find myself in front of a building. It fits the description I was given. I went around back and found a side window. With a bit of work I managed to work it open and slipped inside. I was drenched, soaked to the bone from the rain. Water slid off me and onto the wood floor. I made a trail of it as I walked through the house. The building was lifeless and gave off a feeling of uneasyness.

There was a message written on the wall in red paint that was incomprehensible. I walked up the stairs, they felt freezing to the touch, amplified by my wetness, and soon after found myself in a bed room. Various items scattered around the room, a broken TV laid on the ground in front of me, and my target, sleeping soundly in the comfort of his bed. I gripped my knife, and stabbed him in the throat. I had my other hand over his mouth but he managed to let out a bloodcurdling scream. I pulled back on the knife and had fully opened up his throat, blood spilling out of the wound as well as him choking on it. 

I sat on the bed next to him as he bleeds out, and closed my eyes. I open them to find myself back at... Home? With my meal for succeeding in front of me. The food looked delicious, but I had no appetite. I ate a small amount and returned to my room. My mission for today was completed.

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