Sunday, July 29, 2012

My room... A solid white room, its contents are minimum but it's all i need. A plain bed,  certainly not special or tainted. that much can't be said about many things here.. A black chair I use when I want to use the computer and when my bed feels uncomfortable, and the computer itself. An outdated piece of hardware, but its still something wonderful in my eyes. I wander my... Home? during the day time, there is no one here but me, him, and Him. 

I stumbled upon a great discovery not long ago, I descended to the deepest area of this forsaken place, as I walked through the bleak halls, various rodents and insects sped past me, a strange sight as I never see any living thing here. The halls opened up to a more expansive area, with an odd door at the end. It had a unique design, which I tried to replicate. Excuse my drawing skills. 

I attempt to push open the door but it is searingly hot and would not move. My hands are burned and I stumbled down onto the floor, I feel no... Pain? Unlike other people. I am not entirely sure what pain is, but this is not a good feeling.

Before I could investigate further, my body has already returned to my room.

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